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If you think your site users would appreciate the opportunity to look at the other school websites in their area, we would be grateful for a link from your site. Below are various suggested methods which should make it easy to setup a link:

  1. Save the gif image above to your site;
  2. Link it to:

  1. Just paste the html code below somewhere on your homepage; this accesses the image from our server and saves you fiddling with images.


Web Design & Development Service

Sorry we don't do school websites but see: websites on the
Edu Suppliers list of schools website producers;

Web Hosting Services

WEBHOSTWATCH is the UK's Independent Web Hosting Guide, offering reviews, comparisons and special offers from a majority of the industry.

ISP Services

The List of ISPs is the place to go to find the ISP that's right for you. Search for local or national providers, broadband or dial-up access!

UK Web Advertising UK Banner Advertising Exchange Internet Advertising and Promotion Resources

Schools Website Database

Licences are available so that you can originate database queries from your website and feed the results to your own audience.
The full database contains 31979 school URLs.

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My favourite domain name checker:
Domains are also cheap and hosted for free with Freeola

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