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Herefordshire LEA Schools found:

Herefordshire LEA, Hereford, LEA info
Almeley Primary School, Almeley, primary info
Ashfield Park Primary School, Ross-on-Wye, primary info
Ashperton Primary Academy, Ashperton, primary info
Bosbury CofE Primary School, Bosbury, primary info
Brampton Abbotts CofE Primary School, Ross-on-Wye, primary info
Bredenbury Primary School, Bredenbury, primary info
Bridstow CofE Primary School, Bridstow, primary info
Broadlands Primary School, Hereford, primary info
Brockhampton Primary School, Bringsty, primary info
Burghill Community Academy, Burghill, primary info
Burley Gate CofE Primary School, Hereford, primary info
Canon Pyon CofE Academy, Canon Pyon, primary info
Clehonger CofE Primary School, Clehonger, primary info
Clifford Primary School, Hardwicke, primary info
Colwall CofE Primary School, Colwall, primary info
Cradley CofE Primary School, Cradley, primary info
Eardisley CofE Primary School, Eardisley, primary info
Eastnor Parochial Primary School, Eastnor, primary info
Ewyas Harold Primary School, Ewyas Harold, primary info
Garway Primary School, Garway, primary info
Goodrich CofE Primary School, Goodrich, primary info
Gorsley Goffs Primary School, Gorsley, primary info
Hampton Dene Primary School, Hereford, primary info
Hereford Cathedral Junior School, Hereford, primary info IND
Holmer CofE Academy, Hereford, primary info
Ivington CofE Primary School, Ivington, primary info
Kimbolton St James CofE Primary School, Kimbolton, primary info
King's Caple Primary Academy, King's Caple, primary info
Kingsland CofE School, Kingsland, primary info
Kingstone and Thruxton Primary School, Kingstone, primary info
Kington Primary School, Kington, primary info
Lea CofE Primary School, Lea, primary info
Ledbury Primary School, Ledbury, primary info
Leintwardine CofE Primary School, Leintwardine, primary info
Leominster Primary School, Leominster, primary info
Little Dewchurch CofE Primary School, Little Dewchurch, primary info
Llangrove CofE Academy, Llangrove, primary info
Longtown Community Primary School, Longtown, primary info
Lord Scudamore Primary Academy, Hereford, primary info
Lugwardine Primary Academy, Hereford, primary info
Luston Primary School, Luston, primary info
Madley Primary School, Madley, primary info
Marden Primary Academy, Marden, primary info
Marlbrook Primary School, Redhill, primary info
Michaelchurch Escley Primary School, Michaelchurch Escley, primary info
Mordiford CofE Primary School, Mordiford, primary info
Much Birch CofE Primary School, Much Birch, primary info
Much Marcle School, Much Marcle, primary info
Orleton CofE Primary School, Orleton, primary info
Our Lady's RC Primary School, Hereford, primary info
Pembridge CofE Primary School, Pembridge, primary info
Pencombe CofE Primary School, Pencombe, primary info
Peterchurch Primary School, Peterchurch, primary info
Riverside Primary School, Hereford, primary info
Shobdon Primary School, Shobdon, primary info
St Francis Xavier's Primary School, Hereford, primary info
St James CofE Primary School, Hereford, primary info
St Joseph's RC Primary School, Ross-on-Wye, primary info
St Martin's Primary School, Hereford, primary info
St Mary's CofE Primary School, Credenhill, primary info
St Mary's CofE Primary School, Hereford, primary info
St Mary's Primary School Dilwyn, Dilwyn, primary info
St Michael's CofE Primary School, Bodenham, primary info
St Paul's CofE Primary School, Hereford, primary info
St Peter's Primary School, Bromyard, primary info
St Thomas Cantilupe CofE Academy, Hereford, primary info
St Weonard's Academy, St Weonard's, primary info
Staunton-on-Wye Primary School, Staunton-on-Wye, primary info
Stoke Prior Primary School, Stoke Prior, primary info
Stretton Sugwas CofE Academy, Stretton Sugwas, primary info
Sutton Primary Academy, Hereford, primary info
The Downs Malvern College Prep School, Malvern, primary info IND
The Elms School, Colwall, primary info IND
Trinity Primary School, Hereford, primary info
Walford Nursery and Primary School, Walford, primary info
Wellington Primary School and Nursery, Wellington, primary info
Weobley Primary School, Weobley, primary info
Weston-under-Penyard CofE Primary School, Weston-under-Penyard, primary info
Whitchurch CofE Primary School, Ross on Wye, primary info
Wigmore Primary School, Wigmore, primary info
Withington Primary School, Hereford, primary info
Herefordshire Pupil Referral Service, Hereford, pru info
Aylestone High School, Hereford, secondary info
Bishop of Hereford's Bluecoat School, Hereford, secondary info
Earl Mortimer College and Sixth Form Centre, Leominster, secondary info
Fairfield High School, Peterchurch, secondary info
Hereford Cathedral School, Hereford, secondary info IND
John Kyrle High School and Sixth Form Centre Academy, Ross-on-Wye, secondary info
John Masefield High School, Ledbury, secondary info
Kingstone High School, Kingstone, secondary info
Lady Hawkins School, Kington, secondary info
Lucton School, Lucton, secondary info IND
Queen Elizabeth High School, Bromyard, secondary info
St Mary's RC High School, Hereford, secondary info
The Hereford Academy, Hereford, secondary info
The Steiner Academy Hereford, Much Dewchurch, secondary info
Weobley High School, Weobley, secondary info
Whitecross Hereford, Hereford, secondary info
Wigmore School, Wigmore, secondary info
Hereford Sixth Form College, Hereford, sixth form college info
Barrs Court School, Hereford, special info
Blackmarston School, Hereford, special info
Cambian Hereford School, Leominster, special info IND
Compass Community School Hereford, Ledbury, special info IND
GEM Hereford, Hereford, special info IND
Queenswood School, Ledbury, special info IND
Rowden House School, Bromyard, special info IND
Royal National College for the Blind, Hereford, special info
The Beacon College, Hereford, special info
The Brookfield School, Hereford, special info
Westfield School, Leominster, special info
Herefordshire College of Art and Design, Hereford, fe college info
Herefordshire Ludlow and North Shropshire College, Hereford, fe college info

Total for Herefordshire: 114

Primaries: 81
Secondaries: 17
Nurseries: 0
Special: 11
FE Colleges: 2
Universities: 0
PRU or ALT: 1

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