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Help! . . . Can't Find your School? . . . Read our tips.

  • Some schools might be listed with The at the beginning of the name.
    e.g. Priory School might be listed as The Priory School ... and vice-versa.

  • Some schools may or may not be listed prefixed with their place name:
    e.g. Northfields St Andrew's Primary School ...

  • For Genealogists; Schools closed down or merged: Records of closed schools are held by the Local Education Authority for that area. Very old records will be stored in the Local Record Office.

  • Schools which have changed their name can usually be found at the original address by doing a postcode search.

  • Google: If all else fails Google may come up with some references to the school; but you would have started your search on Google anyway, wouldn't you.

Looking for a New School for your kids?

  • The primary point of contact if you are looking for a school in a new area is the Local Education Authority (LEA or LA) ... see our list of LEA Websites.

  • Find your LEA website on our list of LEA Websites.

  • or use our Maps to find your LEA.

  • Find the Education section of the council website; they will usually have maps and/or lists of schools with details of how to apply, etc.

  • Try this website for getting the right school for your kids: Get the Right School

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